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Why Walk In Clinics Are Faster Than Getting An Appointment

Berkeley_Free_Clinic_truck_offering_free_HIV_testsWould you like to go to the doctor for a problem that you are currently suffering from such as the common cold, or perhaps an injury. Some people will choose to go to the emergency room if they have had something substantial happen, which is probably the best choice. But if you are simply concerned about your health, or you would like to get a second opinion on something your regular physician has told you about your health, one of the best ways to get in to see a new doctor is to go to a walk-in clinic Recommended: http://www.tcurgentcare.com/port-st-lucie/urgent-care/ – Urgent Care PSL FL. Some people have said that these are not the best places to go due to the quality of service, but in reality, it is much faster than getting an appointment in most cases.

Why Walk-In Clinics Are Faster

The first reason that these clinics are much faster is because they are typically staffed by many more physicians, then you will typically find out a regular doctor’s office. This is especially true if you are in a rural area where there are only one or two doctors that live in the region, causing them to have a significant caseload every single day. Additionally, walk-in clinics typically are in the city, which means that there could be a student doctors that are getting their experience working with the general public. You could actually have access to 10 or 20 doctors at one clinic alone, ensuring that you can get service, sometimes within minutes.

Is The Quality Of Walk-In Clinics Okay?

One question that many people have is whether or not the quality of the service that you will receive it a walk-in clinic is going to be comparable to what you will get if you set an appointment with a regular doctor. The answer to this question is that, even though you will be introduced to doctors that are just starting out, they will have quite a bit of knowledge and simply lack the personal experience, something that they are gaining at these clinics. If they have a question, there is always a doctor or to that is in charge of the facility, and you can get additional information from them. It is actually one of the better places to go, and the cheapest places, to get quality healthcare in the city.

How Do You Find Them?

It’s actually not that hard to find one of these clinics. There are several in most cities, especially those that have schools where they are training doctors to become full-time professionals. You simply have to search for walk-in clinics, and also the city that you are in, and you will find their location on the Internet. If you happen to be driving along, and you are in need of immediate care, your cell phone can usually direct you to the nearest facility. This will help you get medical treatment that you need as quickly as possible here, using one of these clinics in your area.

Walk-in clinics are faster than what you will experience at a regular doctor’s office in most cases because there are simply more doctors, and also student doctors, available to help you out. Remember, even though they may not have the experience of your regular doctor, there will always be many of them on staff, ready to help you out, in case serious questions, or situations that require an expert with years of experience and training under their belt.

Women Health Issues

Did you know that Asian American women are at high risk for developing osteoporosis? Statistics actually show that Asian women in the United States have many of the same risk factors as Caucasian women. If you are Asian American woman, it is important that you understand what osteoporosis is and the steps you should take to prevent or treat it.

Following are some of the issues that are causing a rise in the number of Asian women being diagnosed with osteoporosis:
Asian women have been found to consume less calcium. This is mostly due to the fact that up to 90% of Asian American women are lactose intolerant and avoid using dairy products that contain calcium. As you may know, calcium is essential for maintaining a healthy skeleton.

Asian women commonly have lower hip fracture rates than Caucasian women. Even so, Asian women seem to have as high a rate of incident of vertebrae fractures as Caucasian women.

Additionally, slender women have less bone mass and are a greater risk for bone fractures related to osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease brought on by low bone mass. It causes bones to be vulnerable to fractures. If you don’t take steps to prevent osteoporosis, or you have it and don’t get treatment, it can progress painlessly until a bone breaks which will most likely be in your hip, spine, or wrist. Spinal fractures are the reason why you see some older women with that ‘hunched’ appearance. Those fractures can also result in a loss of height, in addition to chronic pain.

Some of the issues that could increase your chance of developing osteoporosis are:

• Caucasian and Asian ancestry
• Having a thin, small-boned body frame
• Previous fractures or a family history of fractures resulting from osteoporosis
• An estrogen deficiency resulting from:
• early menopause due to natural circumstances
• early menopause resulting from surgical removal of the ovaries
• as a result of prolonged amenorrhea
• Aging
• A diet low in calcium
• Smoking
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Extensive use of certain medications

Even if one or some of these conditions apply to you, you can still take steps to prevent it from happening to you. The best defense is to take care to keep you bones strong, especially before the age of

20. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D and exercise regularly – walking, jogging, dancing and lifting weights are a few of the better routines. Don’t smoke and limit your intake of alcohol. Talk to your doctor, especially if you have a family history of osteoporosis because there are painless testing methods and medications to treat it.